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ส่งเงินบาทไทย เครดิต ฟรี 1000

simply soap lavender handmade soap

Treat yourself with traditional handmade soap

The tradition of old fashioned soapmaking goes back hundreds of years, and has been passed down through generations. In today's hustle and bustle of mass produced everything, take a step back & indulge with pure & natural handmade soap that's naturally good for your skin. Simply Soaps are lovingly mixed by hand in small batches & proudly vegetarian friendly.

Keep it simple!

Traditional vegetable oil soap is naturally gentle. Moisturising olive oil, coconut oil, , herbal tea, cosmetic clays and natural botanicals are blended with the best essential and fragrance oils to bring you a soap that's beautifully creamy, gentle and mild. Every bar is cut, stamped and wrapped by hand and a wonderful treat for yourself or a friend.

Simply Soaps are refreshingly free from chemical nasties, detergents, cheap fillers & false advertising claims. Delight your senses and discover what real soap feels like!

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